Stay ahead of your to-dos

Snowman came to us at the end of 2013 to develop a ground-up rewrite of their popular task management iPhone app: Checkmark.

With a full set of visual designs already created, we set about building some suprisingly complex functionality, wrapped up in a simple, easy to use UI.

Location aware

Checkmark 2 boasts powerful location based reminders.

We developed a system that would allow a user to define an unlimited number of locations for tasks, as well as the ability to group into ‘folders’. A user can group places logically and assign tasks, such as ‘Remind me to get milk when I arrive at a supermarket’, and Checkmark will trigger an alert when the device arrives at any of the defined locations a user has grouped as ‘supermarkets’.

To get around region limits, we created a ‘hot swap’ system, so locations are swapped in and out of monitoring to preserve battery life.

Convenient scheduling

Checkmark allowed users to schedule tasks for a specific time, and to repeat using Apple’s standard calendar intervals.

For Checkmark 2, we built a custom task scheduler, allowing users to specify custom repeat schedules - such as ‘Remind me to take out the bins on Tuesdays and Thursdays’.

All of this is seamlessly synced via iCloud, which we later enhanced to work better with iCloud Drive in iOS8.


Checkmark 2 was positively received by both the press and customers, and was featured multiple times in the iTunes App Store.

With iOS 8 we created the 2.5 update adding a today widget view, and interactive notifications allowing users to complete tasks without opening the app, as well as adding support for the iPhone 6 and 6+.

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We’ve worked with Andy and Rocket Town on a couple of projects here at Snowman and have never been less than SUPER satisfied with their work. His attention to detail is impeccable – something that is incredibly important in this industry. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Ryan Cash, founder Snowman, Inc