Rebuilding the video camera

Flymount manufacture high quality, waterproof action camera casings. Joe came to us during product development of their latest offering, the S1.

Joe was creating a new case for the iPhone, that would mount to any helmet or sport attachment, and record video through a custom external lens. The standard iOS camera app didn’t support their attachment, so they required a custom-built native app to capture video.


Our main goal for the app was for it to correct the image after it had been bent through the lens. The S1 lens is designed to film head on, and increases the field of view. This results in a mirrored image, which then requires custom cropping at each side to correct the recorded video.

We were able to acheieve this using some of the lower level Cocoa frameworks, and output a processed MP4 file without waiting for long post-processing.

Everything else

Once we had nailed the video manipulation, we designed a slick, branded UI to match the Flymount aesthetic. We added support for bluetooth start / stop switches, so riders could start and stop recording without ever needing to touch their phone.

We later updated the app to Swift 2.0, and were able to further improve the quality of the video output using new image correction APIs.

The Flymount S1 is on sale now, and the app is a free download from the App Store.

Learn more about the Flymount S1

We’re extremely pleased with the service provided by Rocket Town. They immediately understood our requirements, and created an app that does exactly what we needed. We’ve made several upgrades to the original version of our app, and these have been done quickly and affordably.
Joe Knapton, founder Flymount