Fresh music every day

We love simple, fun ideas. Happy track is the essence of that; Every day you get an awesome, curated track delivered to you, free-of-charge.

Charles was already running a successful trial of this using email lists, and built a business around the popularity of his selected content.

In 2015, Happy Track came to us to build the new vision of this format. A free, native iPhone app, which allowed you to download and play the ‘track of the day’, and curate your own playlist.

Full stack

We took the reins, and designed a user-interface that adapted to the track every day. The whole app would be themed based on the artwork for the current track.

To manage this whole process, we built out a Ruby based management system that Charles and his staff could use to select a track, schedule a date and tweak the auto-generated content.

We also built out a full RESTful service API, that powers the iPhone app and website.

Built for curation & sharing

Happy track does one job, fantastically well. We were concerned users would want to join in, and curate their own music based on our selections.

To do this we built a very simple playlisting feature. If you like the track each day, it will go into your playlist, if not - you’ll never see it again. We used Facebook login to power our social graph, and allow users to start creating their playlist with two taps.

Coming soon

Happy track is currently in public beta, launching soon.