Your new work calendar

After our work together revamping Checkmark, Snowman came back to us to fully design and develop a completely new native iPhone app. and scratch an itch for Ryan, Snowman’s founder, and his friends.

Shift workers aren’t particularly well catered for in conventional calendars, which favour text or obscure iconography. What Ryan envisaged, was a calendar that simply showed a clear icon or two for each day block - to indicate what you were supposed to be doing.

We ran with this, and designed an interface that combines the relative familiarity of other calendar apps, with new optimisations for shift workers. Users could tap a day, choose an icon, and mark when they were working.

Quietly powerful

As well as the calendar overview, we enabled users to batch schedule shifts, based on recurring patterns, an extremely powerful system which could schedule a years worth of shifts in seconds.

We were keen to hide away as much complexity as possible, so if you needed it, it was there - but not in the way.

We added a ‘quick share’ menu to share an image of your calendar, meaning receiving parties did not need the app to see when you were working.


A calendar is only as good as the system it integrates with, so we enabled users to show their personal events side-by-side, taken from their Google, iCloud or MS Exchange calendars, updating itself in the background when you make a change outside the app.

We plugged in to ‘Today widgets’, so at a glance you could check your latest shifts on your iPhone dashboard, and notifications to kick you into gear if you forget a shift.

We built the app using Swift 1.2 for the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6+. At launch, Shifts was a featured ‘App of the week’ by Apple, see what you think.

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We’ve worked with Andy and Rocket Town on a couple of projects here at Snowman and have never been less than SUPER satisfied with their work. His attention to detail is impeccable – something that is incredibly important in this industry. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Ryan Cash, founder Snowman, Inc