Fly smarter

Victor is a luxury, on-demand private jet charter, in 2014 and 2015 we helped bring their booking experience to the iPhone.

Previously managed via a web-based booking system, and call center; Victor wanted to offer a premier experience for high-net-worth individuals to book and manage their flights. We worked alongside their in-house engineering team to develop the first version of the Victor app for iPhone, allowing customers to get a quote, book a flight and manage their itinerary on the move.


We worked with Craig and Marek, Victor's product, and engineering managers to rapidly prototype a number of different approaches for the customer app. We then developed a streamline, native Objective-C application - integrating with the various available service APIs and platforms.

Clearly, we couldn't just repeat what was working on the web - we rethought interactions, and harnessed native technologies such as push notifications, passbook and mapping to depart from the competitors, and provide a stellar customer experience.


When the time came to scale, we consulted as the development lead for the new in-house iOS team - establishing coding standards and ensuring code quality through peer-review and continuous integration.

We also open-sourced some of the low-level technology, such as the Cocoa parsing library for Victor's own open source API framework.

Victor are blessed with a forward thinking engineering department, and this allowed us to make the most of the technology available.

The outcome

We launched the Victor app for iPhone in early 2015. Within a month, it was already receiving significant bookings, reducing pressure on the in-house sales team, and streamlining the sales process.

Try it yourself, on the app store

Rocket Town are great to have on a team; a wealth of deep knowledge on mobile and iOS, combined with a broader understanding of how a mobile app fits into the business & technical architecture, a can-do attitude and an ability to take other members of the team along with them. Look forward to working together in future.
Craig Edmunds, head of engineering at Victor